New Static Site in the AWS Cloud

My 30+ year career with Oracle is over. Officially retired now, AWS certified, and looking for some part-time, remote work, database, or more. Think of me as Any Cloud, Any Database, not just Oracle. For most of my career public writing was frowned upon. A lot of my work was classified. Almost all of my work was confidential. As a result, I was late to the blogging world. Now I am scaling back my writing and archiving what I can in static sites.

The first new static site is from and it is hosted at Check it out. Everything works except “leave a reply”, so you can’t leave a comment. It’s static! These sites are hosted on AWS CloudFront for under $1.00 a month… another dollar for a domain name.

If you would like to contact me, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Meetup as “debrucer”. If you search for me by name include the words Oracle and DBA or you will get one fantastic British guitarist.